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The FHKPUAA Card serves as a membership card of the relevant alumni association and also allows the cardholders to enjoy various benefits within and outside campus.



All valid life members of alumni association of FHKPUAA, who are certified as bona fide graduates of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University or its forerunners (including Hong Kong Polytechnic/ Hong Kong Technical College/ Government Trade School) or its constituent units, are eligible to apply for the FHKPUAA Card. Non-life members of AAs are not eligible to apply for the FHKPUAA Card.

Application Procedures & Payment Method
  1. Identify the alumni association you wish to join and check the Membership Fee*
  2. Submit your application online (click here)
  • Select “New applicant? Create your account”
  • Login with your account to fill in the application form
  • Upload a copy of certificate/ transcript of graduation and settle the membership fee (if applicable) by credit card

Processing Time

Normally, applicants for “life members” of alumni associations will receive the FHKPUAA Card within 8 weeks by ordinary mail, upon submitting the application form and membership fee. Non-life members of alumni associations will not be issued with the card.


For enquiries, please contact us at 2766 5123 or